Flow metering stations


Flow metering stations measure the flow rate of gas or liquids at various locations, for the purpose of monitoring the performance of pipelines and more particularly, at places where custody transfer takes place. Depending on the purpose for metering, whether for performance monitoring or for revenue, the measuring techniques used may vary according to the accuracy demanded.

Typically, a custody transfer metering station will comprise one or two runs of pipe with a calibrated metering orifice in each run. Should an ultrasonic meter be required, it should be designed to meet or exceed the requirements established for ultrasonic meters in AGA-9. Typically, the ultrasonic meter will be a multi-path meter and the meter tubes will be equipped with a flow conditioner. ProcessTech provides standard (in accordance with ProcessTech standard specifications) and custom engineered (in accordance with customer specifications) fuel gas or liquid fuel metering stations.


• Custody or non-custody Transfer
• Skid Mounted
• Meter type depending on application and requirement – Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Turbine, Vortex, etc
• Flow computer (optional).



• Power Generation
• Upstream, midstream and downstream
• Petrochemical
• Refinery

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