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Chemical Dosing Skid


Chemical dosing Skids are designed to feed liquid chemicals from a supply source (usually tank or drum) to an injection point. We customize dosing skids based client requirements.
We provide cost effective systems for any industry as per requirements.

Standard DOSING SKID systems feature two metering pumps (Standard design or API 675) to assure a primary and a backup for each process. Each skid also includes a control panel, variable speed drive (Optional), piping, valves, and accessories including check valves, calibration column and Pulsation Dampeners and Relief valves


  • Manual or Automatic dosing
  • Skid Mounted
  • Meter pump type depending on application and requirement
  • Variable Frequency drive (optional)
  • With Tank & agitator (optional)


• Coagulant
• Cooling tower biocides
• Boiler Feed Chemicals
• Chlorination & De-chlorination
• Disinfectants
• Softening Agents
• Ph Control and Adjustment
• Odor Control

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