Analyzer Panel


Analyzer panel is basically an online hydrocarbon composition analysis. Can be done using a gas chromatograph. Adjacent to the online analysis, a manual or automatic sampling system can take samples from the gas for further analysis in a laboratory. Besides hydrocarbon composition analysis for energy calculation, operators are often interested to know further details of the gas such as the H2S, CO2 or H2O content as well as HC dew point for real time process control. To perform high-quality analysis it is crucial that the analyzers receive an uncontaminated gas sample achieved through sample conditioning. The full sampling and analyser system can be built in a rack, cabinet or analyser house. Depending on the environment, the shelters are supplied with heaters, HVAC, fire and gas protection etc. We offers in-house engineered and fabricated analyzer solutions in line with your specific requirements.


  • Manual or Automatic Sampling operation
  • Rack or Cabinet Mounting


  • Online Hydrocarbon solutions
  • H2S, CO2
  • Dew Point
  • Other Oil & Gas applications

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